curious | stimulating | sensory | vitalizing| sustainable


primitive | meaningful | reflective | rural | balanced


bold | diverse | cultural | self-expressive | freedom


luxury | refined style | understated glamour | heritage

Bio-TECH, where nature knows best

The scientific and digital worlds collaborate more, our 'connected' interactions become seamless, more personalized and unobtrusive. We put health and happiness at the center.

The Peacemaker, bringing untamed rawness into homes

We aim to create intimate, emotive, and comfortable spaces that bring the untamed rawness of nature into our homes. The pace is slowed, the mood is gentle, the look is rural, and the skills are low-tech.

The Radical Trend, be the change you wish to see in the world

In order to shape the future, we hover to take it into our own hands... A rebellious and non-comformist attitude will emerge, styles deconstuct the rules of the norm. A multi-cultured and multi-colored trend where future-thinkers embrace freedom of movement, self-expression, and free-choice.

The Traveler Trend, mature luxuriousness with solid foundations

A futuristic, yet traditional trend bringing order & control to a new era. We aim to establish fairness and correctness as we dare to look ahead with long-term optimism, building the solid foundations of a stable future.

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